We are a niche provider of trading and manufacturing services, with a emphasis on trade between SE Asia, Australia, Nth America and Europe.


The company is well established, with extensive business dealings in SE Asia since 1990 and can help you with both sourcing and marketing. We prefer to be involved in products that are unique or acting as your OEM representative, as this is where we can add the most value.


Our Focus


Market Research - Our “on the ground” service takes advantage of our contacts in the region, as well as the managers background in manufacturing and trading in Australia, Nth America and Asia. We pick up where your online search leaves off.


OEM Manufacturing - In order to get an edge on your competitors you need something different (or substantially cheaper). We act for established importers in the manufactured products sector that require a “made to specification” product or a reliable OEM manufacturer.


Services - Our management are from Australia and the UK, with comprehensive knowledge of the legal requirements necessary to establish a subsidiary in Asia and employ foreign management. We have a network of professionals who can ensure that opening a company in SE Asia is done efficiently. We also help expatriates based in Asia establish a complete legal and immigration presence if they wish to be self employed.


Trading & Commission Agents - The company buys and sells for its’ own account as well as acting as a commission agent where appropriate.

Benefit from our experience